The best meal is sometimes coming to your table in a double version. Porterhouse is all about that. The beef meat has the best of both worlds—tenderloin on one side and New York Strip on the other side of the bone. Porterhouse at Mad Cow Wine & Grill Bandung is purely made to meet carnivore guilty pleasure.

Porterhouse’s has lengthy history background back in 1814. It’s started in one of Manhattan porter-house. Martin Morrison, the owner of porter-house, a popular bar and steak house, started serving large T-bones to accommodate hungry and thirsty travelers. A signature butcher cut made by Martin Morrison porter-house developed by Martin Morrison himself, where he and his butcher team up to have sirloin steaks cut off from the sirloin roasting, make it into small pieces of steak to serves to their best patrons; this type of cut is well-known as “cut the porter-house steaks”

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